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Shivtej Arogya Seva Sanstha is a non- profit organization, primarily aiming to improve the socio-economic development of the people especially in  Konkan region. It was established by Shri . Ramdasji Kadam MLC, Ex- Environment Minister, in the year 1995 and is recognized by the State Government. (Govt Id: MH/2017/0151198); Regd.No: F-1578, Ratnagiri. The trust is registered under Society Act 1860 on 2nd Feb 1995.

The trust operates military school,  dental college, one law college and one old age home, envision to play the prime supporting role, alongside the government in developing the health care, education and employment sectors of the region. The organization provides 24×7 ambulance service, blood donation camps, medical camps and conduct numerous events to create awareness among the population about oral health care and diseases, educating them about the various health care facilities and policies.

Yogita dental College and Hospital is one of the esteemed institutes established under Shivtej Arogya Seva Sanstha in 2008. Together we ideate to be the prime dental health care and education provider in the rural province of Konkan belt.